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I thought it was full of good information, and look forward to reading the book.

What is Heaven?

Apr 11, Pat rated it liked it Shelves: christian-non-fiction. I was honestly disappointed. I've never read Randy Alcorn but this was more a preview of the book.

Just a little information and you would have to buy the book and read to find out more. I knew it was short but had no idea it was only a preview. I thought about buying the book if this had been what I expected.

Michael Pearl answers: What happens when we die? Bible Questions - Episode 079

I'm not saying its not well written, just too short, more a snyopsis than anything. I read it in under an hour. It was free and more an insight of what was to come.

Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions (sampler)

I'm one of those reader I was honestly disappointed. I'm one of those readers who loves a thick book. Whether fiction or non-fiction I like an indepth book. I'll try something else by this well known and critically acclaimed author and I will buy it in a bookstore rather than online so I can see more about the book.

My grandson who is soon to graduate from college loves Randy Alcorn's books and have bought several for him for Christmas or birthdays. This is nothing against the author, just whoever advertised it to me. Then again, maybe I was just having a bad day. God bless you and your family. Shelves: It was so good to read this booklet; it was good to read a book about Heaven. As Christians, we get so lost in the daily humdrum of life that we forget all about our Promise Land This booklet took a look at Biblical answers to common questions about Heaven I recommend this book to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Sep 05, Quinesia Johnson rated it it was amazing. I chose this pamphlet because I knew the more popular questions would be addressed. I already had a good bit of knowledge on heaven.

Heaven - What Is it Like and Where Is it?

I just wanted to see if my knowledge was considered accurate, and to be uplifted by thoughts of Heaven. The questions answered were about medium on the intensity scale, accurate scripture is called upon, and simple and concise answers were given. This is probably a good shortened version of the book, because I didn't have any more questions. I imagine the original I chose this pamphlet because I knew the more popular questions would be addressed. I imagine the original book has questions basic or more speculative, since the pamphlet is so thorough and covered to me everything.

Happy reading, be blessed. Jul 05, Writingwellresr rated it really liked it. Answer to Questions on Heaven What a wonderful place Heaven will be and to be reunited with loved ones. Alcorn answers the most common questions about Heaven. His unique insight into Scripture helps dispel misconceptions and gives us reassurance that Eternity will be better than our wildest dreams.

Trust in the Lord today to assure your place in Heaven and in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father. Sep 10, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: audio , religion , non-fiction. I listened to this is less than an hour. The writing was okay and the information was good. I'm not a Bible scholar but I have enough that there was nothing new in this little book that sounds like it is a preview for his much larger work by the same title.

Based on this I will skip the almost page edition. Jan 19, Darrell rated it it was amazing. This book is a shortened summery of a larger book written by the same author. Alcorn has a skill for taking logical questions and pointing out Scripture that presents the answers. There are a number of things that I am going to reconsider my view after reading this. It really does make sense. I am looking forward to reading the actual book. Apr 06, Ginger Ketchum rated it it was amazing.

Answers to Heaven Informative biblical answers to what heaven and life after death is like. Anyone searching for what their future holds as Born again Christians, will be interested in this short read. I gave it 5 stars because it backs up the info with Bible scriptures. May 27, Mark Durrell rated it it was amazing.

This little book comes highly recommended. It gets straight to the point in bitesize commentary on a much overlooked Biblical topic. After using this book for research on a Bible study on eternity - I recommended each participant get a copy. Jan 25, Sally rated it it was amazing. I actually read most parts of the bigger book. I used it daily over several months as a sort of devotional.

This book gave me a new perspective on what heaven really is and what we have to look forward to. Randy alcorn is quite a scholar and I appreciated his insights into the heavenly realms. Apr 08, Douglas Reedy rated it it was amazing. Great book! Thte author put so many of our questions about Heaven in layman's terms to help us understand.

He uses Bible references to back up his statements. A must read for people needing more Bibical knowledge. Dec 17, Robert W. Duvall rated it it was amazing. Truly fascinating This really cleared up a lot of goofy misconceptions and is so good to know about heaven. Thanks for writing this. A paradigm-shifting new way of looking at the afterlife! The book itself is great I ended up buying the paper version to read.

Questions About Heaven Answered From the Bible

Quite disappointed. By: Randy Alcorn. Narrated by: Randy Alcorn. Length: 58 mins.

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People who bought this also bought No God but One: Allah or Jesus? Publisher's Summary After years of research, Randy Alcorn offers answers to common questions about what heaven will be like. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. No Reviews are Available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Wilson Warning: Not the whole book "Heaven" I downloaded this is a hurry thinking I was getting the book "Heaven".

Ishmael Nicolette Good heavens!!! The fact that Randy is sharingit himself What did you like best about this story? Like always: Randy never disappoints 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Brian Christensen Booklet--not full book I turn to this book during sleepless nights. Silent til I speak Lucy A. Wann Only 3 chapters. Erin Not what I expected I thought I was purchasing the book and not the booklet, really kind of a let down Anonymous User Robert P.

Paffile Q: Will Heaven be boring? Q: What will happen to our disabilities in Heaven?

Q: Will we become angels when we go to Heaven? Q: Will there be animals and pets in Heaven? Q: Are people who are now in Heaven able to see the present events on earth? Q: In what ways will believers be judged in Heaven? Q: In Heaven will we recognize the friends and loved ones we knew on earth?

Q: How will a heavenly perspective impact our life on earth? Q: What will hell be like? I believe You lived a sinless life and died for my sins. I believe You rose from the dead so that I can live forever with You in Heaven.