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The Circle of Eight (A James Acton Thriller, Book #7) (James Acton Thrillers)

Get It Now. A construction accident leads to a stunning discovery—an ancient tomb containing four Templar Knights, long When the Oracle of Delphi urges Olympic hero Cylon to stage a coup and seize control of Athens, he immediately attempts to fulfil her prophecy After an earthquake strikes the Azores, a discovery of unimaginable importance is made just off the coast, sending Archaeology Professor James Acton and his wife racing across the Atlantic to confirm Father Mercier is on a mission to save the souls of the possessed in the Kingdom of France, but he makes a mistake when he pries a young woman from the arms of her loving family in the In AD, when informed of her impending arranged marriage, Fatima takes drastic action with her forbidden lover, Viking Prince Magnus, actions that In , young CIA Agent History tells us Genghis Khan died from a wound received in glorious battle.

But history is written by the victor What would you do if solving a murder meant the certain death of an innocent?

Nazi Germany controls most of Europe, and the An accidental find may lead to the greatest archaeological discovery since the tomb of King Tutankhamen, perhaps even greater. And when news of it spreads, it reaches the ears of a Bravo Team is targeted by a madman after one of their own intervenes in a rape.

Little do they know this internationally A former President's son is kidnapped in a brazen attack on the streets of Potomac by the same ancient organization that murdered his father, convinced he knows the location of an item stolen Two thousand years ago, Roman Emperor Vespasian tries to preserve an empire by hiding a massive treasure in the quiet town of Pompeii should someone challenge his throne.

Days from any form of modern civilization, Archaeology Professor James Acton awakes to gunshots.

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Finding his wife missing, taken by a member of one of the uncontacted tribes, he and his friend, Interpol Archaeology Professors And today things are only going to get worse. The Widow Rapist is free on a A desperate son. Only a miracle can save them both.

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As Jesus Christ suffers an agonizing death, a blind Roman soldier named Longinus is miraculously healed after lancing the crucified body, yet though the miracle restores his eyesight, it marks a new America is in crisis. Dozens of terrorist attacks have killed or injured thousands, and worse, every single attack appears to have been committed by an American citizen in the name of Islam. A stolen experimental F Doctor Sarah Henderson, daughter of the Vice President, is kidnapped from an Ebola clinic, triggering an all-out Robert Kennedy serves up another heart-pounding thriller in Black Widow.

After corrupt Russian agents sell deadly Robert Kennedy delivers another action-packed thriller in The Lazarus Moment. In World War Two, a fabled da Vinci drawing is hidden from the Nazis, those involved fearing Hitler may attempt to steal it for its purported magical powers.

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This is fact. Keep on reading to know more about the top rated J Robert Kennedy books list. It all starts when a Templar knight had to return home to look after the children of his beloved sister who died recently leaving them behind orphaned. Filled with mystery and suspense, it is one of the best books by J Robert Kennedy.

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Here comes another incredible piece of work from then bestselling USA author, J Robert Kennedy, in which an archaeological professor has to save the son of the president from an ancient Mongol army. This is one of the best J Robert Kennedy written works ever. CIA Special Agent Dylan Kane along with his team runs after a criminal who is guilt for the ransom cyber-attack that resulted in the death of one child and affected millions.

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Its incredible story line earned itself a name among the best J Robert Kennedy books. A mysterious historical book that keeps its reader excited with continuous twists in the plot. It is an incredible piece of J Robert Kennedy written book that no one should miss if they are a mystery thriller lover.

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It is counted among the best books by J Robert Kennedy. It is one of the best among the list of books by J Robert Kennedy. This is another intense mystery novel from J.