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Human experience falls into that very last category of dark and bright result, while the inclinations of our deluded minds lean toward dark and bright kamma but can go any way. Whatever emotional state arises is old kamma coming to fruition, but there is a first moment of volition enabling us to choose how we view and consequently react to it. Like a dog, a deluded mind will once again chase the stick. But, a mind inclining toward wisdom will, like a lion, not fall for it.

Carameltail , to me old kamma throws sticks and, like a deluded dog, inclines to chase them, resulting in another thrower. But new kamma, like a lion, need not be fooled, seeing instead with right view, not chasing the stick, not resulting in another thrower. Once again, the problem of language rears its dog and lion head. The term feelings may simply mean too many things to too many people. But from the Buddhist perspective, there are only three feelings to be considered:. So, to read this sutta is to know that the start of this causal sequence is ignorance and the end is aging and death suffering.

Apparently, the Buddha just wasn't that concerned about a more specific source of feelings. From another the Satipatthana Sutta defines 6 classes:.

Those may be organized into two categories, worldly and spiritual, each with the three affective qualities of liking, disliking and shrug. Discerning the source of a sensation as worldly or spiritual is, from one perspective, important for experientially synthesizing those two bullet lists.

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From this perspective some sticks should be chased, examined and dropped for more useful sticks. The jhanas are a good example. The first jhana drops worldly sticks to chase spiritual ones, e. Next, the second jhana retrieves rapture and happiness.

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Then, the third jhana drops rapture. Snakeskin said: The jhanas are a good example. As my teacher would say I would quibble a bit with the word finally, as the Anupada Sutta does go on to discuss 5 more 'sticks' that Sariputta chases. But the metaphor is a great one, especially the notion of grabbing the stick in our teeth and shaking it and thinking that this stick is the best thing in the world.

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Only to be distracted by that stinky dead worm that we proceed to roll around on. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories Discussion The lion's gaze. I would assume the thrower was just plain rude.

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And the, I would trot off into the brush. Hi David. The stick being a symbol of you being in control of something else thoughts,feelings,people rather than you controlling your destiny, thoughts,etc. This is my interpretation anyway. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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March 29, at am. David Kanigan says:. I am a professional stick chaser. March 29, at pm. The Presents of Presence says:. March 30, at am. Great quote and amazing picture of a lion. What a power pose!

Thank you. He is in a power pose Phillipp. Trisha says:. My favourite animal, David. Suddenly, the 8-year-old boy found himself fearing for his life. While Pike was fighting off the feline, Gage ran back to the house to get help from their family. At the same time, their dad, Ron, came running out. Before Ron could join in the fight, the animal let go of the 8-year-bold boy. At that point, Ron realized his son had been badly injured, so he brought Pike to the nearest fire station, KUSA reported.

Read more: All of New York City came together to save a kitten that was reportedly stuck in a street sewer for 2 days. From there, Pike was brought the hospital where he received stitches and underwent two surgeries.