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Verdicts on lawyers The water lords; Ralph Nader's study group report on industry and environmental crisis in Savannah, Georgia What to do with your bad car; an action manual for lemon owners Whistle blowing; the report of the Conference on Professional Responsibility.

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Who runs congress? Whose trade organization? Why obesity is America's greatest threat Wie deelt de lakens uit? Selected Co-authors Green, Mark J.

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Countries and Regions of Publication 11 View the list below for more details. Map View :. Named by the Atlantic as one of the hundred most influential figures in American history, Nader continues to be a relentless advocate for grassroots activism and democratic change. He lives in Washington, D.

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We use cookies to enhance your experience. Concerned with re-election, politicians from both sides exploited the debates about the extension of slavery into new territories to such an extent that disunion became inevitable. Holt teaches history at the University of Virginia. This book is a collection of about aphorisms reflecting on the human condition. King is a lawyer in Seattle, Wash.

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Based on Jung's theory of complexes, this book offers a new perspective on the psychological nature of conflicts between groups and cultures by introducing the concept of the cultural complex. Singer is a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst in San Francisco ; Kimbles is clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst, and organizational consultant.

Carril reflects on his life as a basketball coach, his vision of discipline, and what he looks for in a player. Dan White is a writer in Princeton. This reference book for winemakers and consumers provides a history of pinot noir and tells readers where top wines can be found. The author also profiles a number of wineries. The author argues that the European Union, not the United States, is emerging as the new superpower. Reid traces the rise of European unification in the wake of World War II Europe and its development into an economic, political, and cultural force — the EU.

Reid is Rocky Mountain bureau chief for the Washington Post. Through anecdotes, the author shows how the practice of medicine can still be about generosity and caring. Through archaeological and historical research, Pope examines the cod fishery industry that developed in the North Atlantic World in the 17th-century. Pope teaches anthropology and history at Memorial University of Newfoundland and is director of the Newfoundland Archaeological Heritage Outreach Program.

Smith urges America to change its educational system, arguing that it is failing to educate the middle class by employing an out-of-date educational model. Whelan's latest book provides basic knowledge of state law regarding leases of equipment and other goods. Labatt is an independent scholar living in San Antonio, Texas. This romantic thriller is a sequel to Farrell's first novel, The Jessica Project.

When a federal prosecutor recruits a reformed assassin to hunt down a missing witness, the prosecutor and assassin are drawn into a world of conspiracy and danger. The author, a former federal prosecutor, is now an international hotel and aerospace executive.

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In this book, potential patients can learn what to expect when they begin psychotherapy, how a therapist can help them, and what they can do to help themselves. Burkham has practiced psychology in Appleton , Wis. The author includes poems from his previous books and new poems about war, death, TV news, ghosts, snow, and the end of the world. The author argues that successful businesses must learn to use legal tools — strategic contracts, litigation, regulation, and lobbying — to secure competitive advantage.

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Drawing on contemporary case studies as well as business history, he explores how laws shape markets and how corporate leaders from Henry Ford to Bill Gates have used and sometimes abused legal strategies. Sonenshein'71 Princeton University Press. This book tells the story of how the nation's second largest city completed a major reform of its government in the face of a deeply threatening movement for secession by the San Fernando Valley.

Sonenshein played a key role in the charter-reform process and offers a theoretical perspective on institutional reform in an age of diversity. Sonenshein is a professor of political science at California State University , Fullerton. Napolitano '72 Nelson Current. Napolitano criticizes what he sees as the government's disregard for the U. The author argues that our founding principles are being trampled upon by judges, politicians, bureaucrats, prosecutors, and police in the name of the law. Napolitano is Fox News' senior judicial analyst.

Morris provides a comprehensive survey of North Carolina 's beaches, detailing everything from wildlife refuges and historic landmarks to fishing piers and swimming spots. Morris is a travel writer who lives in Lansdale , Pa. O'Donnell '72 HarperCollins Publishers. This book examines the history and influence of the fifth century theologian Augustine of Hippo, focusing not only on his religious writings but also on the events of his life. O'Donnell is classics professor and provost at Georgetown University. The author describes golf courses of the PGA Tour in a coffee-table book with large color photographs.

He includes schematic maps of the courses, yardage and par information for the holes, tips on how to play specific shots, and historical tidbits about the courses.

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Peper was editor-in-chief of Golf Magazine for 25 years. Squier argues that fiction serves as a space where worries about ethically and socially charged scientific procedures such as stem cell research and embryo adoptions are worked through. A detailed account of the 90 slaves whom Randolph freed and their lives on the property they inherited, a small community in Prince Edward County, Va. Promise — James B. The author is a former Time magazine writer and reporter.

In this hands-on guide for stopping undesirable development, the author outlines how to devise a strategy, influence local government, raise money, and conduct a media campaign. Perlman has led several efforts to defeat development near her Wisconsin home. A collection of 12 essays by leading Civil War scholars who demonstrate how the meanings of the Civil War have changed over time.

Fahs is an associate professor of history at the University of California , Irvine ; Waugh is an associate professor of history at the University of California , Los Angeles. Shorter-Gooden is a psychologist. In this humorous novel, the author brings to life an eclectic group of gay men whose lives intertwine at a Manhattan bar, the Brownstone.

Scott, a playwright, screenwriter, and art critic, also teaches screenwriting at New York University. A biography of de Kooning. Dunayer outlines nonspeciesist thought, law, and action in the defense of nonhuman beings. Dunayer is a writer, editor and animal-rights advocate. She is the author of Animal Equality: Language and Liberation. The authors examine the career of novelist Patricia Cornwell and include biographies of her major characters, an introduction to the world of forensic science, and synopses of her books. Markowitz lives in New Jersey. In this thriller, paleontologist Carter Cox struggles to understand the meanings of an ancient demon-like fossil and a fragmented Judean prophesy before the apocalyptic evil that they foretell is released upon the world.

This is Masello's 16th book. Book four in a murder-mystery series, Fairway to Heaven follows protagonist and amateur sleuth Cassie Burdette as she plays in a three-tour golf tournament in Pinehurst, N. Cassie finally sees her golf game come alive, but she also gets involved following the trail of her friend's father, who has disappeared right before the friend's wedding.

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Isleib is a clinical psychologist. The authors explore the remaining mysteries of quantum mechanics. More than problem sets introduce readers to the concepts and implications of quantum mechanics that have arisen from the experimental results of the recent two decades. Rohrlich is a research scientist at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot , Israel. The author argues that psychoanalysis can make a profound contribution to the well-lived life by helping people experience more love, creativity and spirituality.

The authors explain what African American English is, how it developed, how it might influence students' ability to write Standard English, and how African American English speakers can learn to write Standard English more effectively. This fictional memoir records two months in the life of an anti-Freudian psychology professor who, in the midst of a failing career and difficult divorce, is visited by the ghost of Sigmund Freud. Gilbert is a professor of psychology at Loyola Marymount University and a practicing therapist.

Inspired by 15 years of research and teaching in low-income schools, Goldenberg offers a model for lasting school reform. The author describes a successful five-year effort to improve teaching and student achievement at an elementary school serving a mostly Latino population in the Los Angeles area. Palmer collects a series of letters of Princeton students of the late s and draws a portrait of their everyday life in school.

Robert House. Presidential Powers -- Harold J.

  1. Virtual International Authority File.
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  4. Drug Use Trajectories of Anchorage Male Arrestees: 2000–2003;
  5. Krent '77 New York University Press. The author examines the ways in which the president wields power and how this power is kept in check by other branches of government by presenting three overlapping determinants of the president's role under the Constitution. Krent is dean and professor of law at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

    The author, a war correspondent, argues that the use of military force to protect human rights or alleviate human suffering in the post-Cold War world has largely failed. Rieff is a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine. The author blends social history and psychology in tracing the life of a little-known revolutionary, James Aitken. Known as John the Painter, he was born in Scotland, immigrated to America as an indentured servant, served as a British soldier, deserted, and eventually plotted to take down the Crown. Warner is an assistant professor in the psychiatry department at the University of Toronto.

    The rebellion was the only successful slave revolution in history. His project on Haiti eventually amassed some 2, pages in three novels spanning 30 years of racial warfare and 18th-century global politics.