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Original Poster. Harry Tang. This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Discard post? In the theatrical release and earlier home video releases, Darth Vader watches and acts in silence.

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This addition was described as unnecessary [20] [38] and sounding terrible, [9] and it was said to "[take] what was once emotional and [make] it laughable" and even ruin the film's climax. In the scene where Anakin Skywalker is unmasked, the DVD release digitally removed his eyebrows to reflect Anakin burning on Mustafar at the end of Revenge of the Sith.

The film ends with a scene of the Rebel Alliance and a village of Ewoks on Endor celebrating the death of the Emperor and victory over the Empire. The original theatrical release of the film featured the song " Ewok Celebration ", also known as "Yub Nub", playing over the celebration. At the end of the film, Darth Vader is redeemed by killing the Emperor to save Luke Skywalker 's life, then dies of his injuries shortly after, and appears to Luke as Anakin Skywalker alongside the Force ghosts of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In the theatrical release, Sebastian Shaw plays this Force ghost in addition to an unmasked Vader. To reflect this, the DVD release of Return of the Jedi replaced Shaw's appearance as the Force ghost with Christensen, which was considered controversial by some. For the theatrical release of The Phantom Menace , a puppet was used to portray Yoda in most of his scenes.

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This was changed for the Blu-ray release, with the puppet being replaced with a CGI-model, similar to those used for the film's sequels Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. One writer claimed that the first Star Wars won the Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects , Best Production Design , Best Original Score , and the Special Edition changes to the sound mixing, sound effects, and visual effects were felt to have "stripped the film of every aspect that it had won its Academy Awards for".

Lance Ulanoff of Mashable , who in viewed the original theatrical print of Star Wars submitted to the Library of Congress, notes merit to Lucas' belief that technology did not allow him to achieve his vision, noting that a visible marquee around Leia's ship is "so jarring that it temporarily pulls me out of the film" because it is "lack[ing] the seamless quality [he has] come to expect from sci-fi and fantasy".

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  • Despite this, he "hate[s] each and every one" of the later added CGI effects and describes positively his ability to view the original print despite "Lucas's meddling". Dave Tach, writing for Polygon , noted minor changes, such as adding windows to Cloud City on Bespin, adding sparks to Jango Fett's jetpack, or replacing the original Emperor hologram with McDiarmid, as "innocuous" ones that "angered, to a close approximation, nobody" because "there was a solid logic behind those amendments".

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. There will only be one [version of the films]. And it won't be what I would call the "rough cut", it'll be the "final cut". The other one will be some sort of interesting artifact that people will look at and say, "There was an earlier draft of this. In essence, films never get finished, they get abandoned.

    At some point, you're dragged off the picture kicking and screaming while somebody says, "Okay, it's done.

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    Occasionally, [you can] go back and get your cut of the video out there, which I did on both American Graffiti and THX ; that's the place where it will live forever. So what ends up being important in my mind is what the DVD version is going to look like, because that's what everybody is going to remember. The other versions will disappear. Even the 35 million tapes of Star Wars out there won't last more than 30 or 40 years.

    A hundred years from now, the only version of the movie that anyone will remember will be the DVD version [of the Special Edition], and you'll be able to project it on a foot-byfoot screen with perfect quality. I think it's the director's prerogative, not the studio's, to go back and reinvent a movie.

    Main article: Han shot first. And I said, "Yeah, he should be John Wayne. See also: Max Rebo Band. American Society of Cinematographers. Retrieved August 24, Library of Congress. Retrieved May 19, The Atlantic. Retrieved May 17, Catalog of Feature Films. American Film Institute. Archived from the original on March 28, Retrieved July 20, Film Score Monthly.

    Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved July 19, Retrieved July 19, — via Google Books. The DVD Journal. Retrieved December 6, Content style changes will also be highlighted in purple.

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