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Plumegranate Plumegranate has black skin with red flesh.

The fruit is surprisingly aromatic and juicy, with a delicate balance of sweet and tart tastes. Red to burgundy flesh these plums are exectionaly sweet and very healthy. Yellow plum The Lamoon variety has a surprising shape.

Let’s Get Plum Crazy!

The plum resembles a lemon and it is yellow. The varieties are very appealing and ripen throughout the plum season. Scroll all the way down for more plum tips. Most plums have a bloom on them—a delicate dusty white matte powder that rubs or rinses right off.


Clever farmers and vendors will, in fact, try to keep customers from handling plums too much because it rubs the bloom off and savvy shoppers know that the bloom is the sign of ripe, freshly harvested, not overly handled fruit. Plums vary so much in taste that it makes them a great fruit to buy at farmers markets, where you can often get a taste of whatever varieties are on sale to help you know if they're ripe or not. And, again, look for that white bloom.

Like most Japanese black plums, the El Dorado is, as pictured, bright red to deep purple on the outside but a musty yellow color inside. They have a sweet, mild plum flavor. We like to use them in dishes like plum tarts because they don't completely fall apart when cooked, so you end up with a bit more fruit-like texture than with other types of plums.

As with all black plums, when you cook them up the dark skin will tinge the entire dish a beautiful purple.


The Moyer plums pictured here are European plums, with a longer shape than the rounder Japanese plums usually sold fresh. They are a larger plum with a lovely sweet flavor that is delicious fresh but also works well dried. Damson plums are another well-known European plum.

You may also see these and other European plums sold as Italian plums, Italian prunes, French prunes, or simply "fresh prunes" since they are the fruit that is dried to make prunes. Greengage plums are a green plum common in France. As you might guess, they fall into the European plum group. They have green skin and a greenish-yellow fruit that has a bit of a honey flavor to it. These are the small, sweet plums with a slight reddish blush used for making eau-de-vie in France.


They are the sweetest of all plums. Some, like the Santa Rosa, have amber fruit, but other red plums, like Simcas, have bright red flesh that matches their skins. The skin brings a tartness that balances out the sweet fruit. It was one of the biggest commercially grown plums.

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About years ago I use to eat plums from the supermarket like that. I think the ones I use to get had mildly tart skin and were clingstone. They would get soft quickly, but very sweet with no acid.

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They had to be Japanese plum of some type. Obviously they have more varieties now. It drives me insane. Flavor King Geo Pride brix Flavor Treat pluot 2. Sweet Treat vs Flavor King Thanks fruitnut. I had Dapple Dandy a week or so ago and my wife, my younger son and myself all loved them, which pleased me a great deal because I just planted one this spring. Dapple Dandy is OK but not a favorite as grown here and to my taste. DD is late and DS is early. Just planted Dapple Jack. I mean I remember those dark plums from my youth.